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Affiliated to the Council for The Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. Vide No. KA 226/2011

Thought for the day

"“The potential mind supported by the affectionate heart alone can learn and instruct”"

Interesting Fact

The first and greatest civilization in ancient India developed around the valley of the Indus River (now Pakistan) around 3000 B.C. Called the Indus Valley civilization, this early empire was larger than any other empire, including Egypt and Mesopotamia.

About us

Welcome to Sri Taralabalu Jagadguru Residential School Davangere-Popularly known as Anubhavamantapa is one of the reputed schools located in Davangere city, the heart of Karnataka. At a time when this commercial city was in dire need of a school which could not only cater to the highest levels of learning excellence but also imbibe values in lives, this institution, a brain child of His Holiness Sri Taralabalu Jagadguru 1108 Dr. Shivamurthy Shivacharya Mahaswamiji, was established in 1980-81.

Sri Taralabalu Jagadguru Brihanmath, Sirigere is situated in Chitradurga Dist and is having a very large number of followers. It was founded by the saint "Marulasiddha" during 12th century AD. The saint Marulasiddha blessed his successor with the divine words "Tarala ! Balu !" (Long Live! My Lod!) and that is how the pontiffs of this sacred seat are came to be known as "Sri Taralabalu Jagadguru". True to the spirit of the blessings of their founder, the pontiffs of this Brihanmath have been rendering yeoman service for the upliftment of the society for the last eight centuries.

The present pontiff of the Brihanmath is Dr. Shivamurthy Shivacharya Mahaswamiji who succeeded to this religious seat in the year 1979. The swamiji is an eminent Sanskrit scholar with Ph.D from Banaras Hindu University. His Holiness is also the President of the Education Society. Treading the path of his predecessor, the Swamiji has been relentlessly striving for the upliftment of the rural poor and the downtrodden.

The School

SRI TARALABALU SCHOOL is located in a perfect Indian setting yet delivering a global education to the budding genius of our country. The buildings are all modern and spacious and offer the students the near- comfort of home in the central part of Karnataka’s Manchester City, now know as Karnataka’s Oxford - DAVANGERE.

The education system, besides providing an all-round education intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically, also offers guidance in analytical thinking, openness of mind in all aspects. Pupils are given all possible opportunities to sharpen and develop their own hidden talents as well as to be aware of national and global issues. Homework is given to encourage and develop independent study skills and to complement particular fields of study.



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  • P.B. No.303, Davangere 577 004
  • Phone: 08192-222270
  • Email:icseprincipal@yahoo.in

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