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Affiliated to the Council for The Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. Vide No. KA 226/2011

Thought for the day

"“The potential mind supported by the affectionate heart alone can learn and instruct”"

Interesting Fact

The first and greatest civilization in ancient India developed around the valley of the Indus River (now Pakistan) around 3000 B.C. Called the Indus Valley civilization, this early empire was larger than any other empire, including Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Co-curricular Activities

The activities of a school do not end with the ringing of a bell or the activities of its children. In fact the present day children are born with ample wisdom and tremendous amount of energy. One of the ways to channel this energy in a productive and constructive way is to assign our children up for an interesting activity. There is a significant evidence to demonstrate that activities pursued outside of normal school hours have a profound and positive impact upon the development and well-being of children.

In our school, a major focus is placed on co-curricular activities. This is to make our children to feel about the self esteem, which is determined by how successful we are in accomplishing tasks. Sri Taralabalu School hence offers a well balanced and broad curriculum with emphasis on creativity and excellence through various extracurricular activities.

The challenging tasks given to the students through various co-curricular activities which are integrated with curricular subjects will help them to have an in-depth knowledge about the subjects, to gain self awareness, self confidence, self discipline, to improve self esteem, to think and do things creatively and relate what they have learnt, to real life situations.

We strongly believe that co-curricular and extracurricular activities are as important as academic activities. A round-the-year activity plan ensures the overall physical and mental development of the student. In order to make the children aware of their social responsibility, the children are given exposure to economically disadvantaged sections of society. Visits are organised to blind schools and Old Age homes to sensitize the children to the needs of the less privileged sections in the society.

Extra- Curricular Activities or ECA's are conducted to nurture the passion of the students and enhance their skills in sports of their choice. The ECA's include

  • Sports -
               For Boys: Basketball, Badminton, Bowling, Chess, Cricket, Kho-Kho, Soccer, Yoga.
               For Girls: Basketball, Badminton, Bowling, Chess, Kho-Kho, Yoga.

  • Music -
               Vocal: Hindustani Vocal, Carnatic Vocal
               Instrumental: Keyboard, Tabla.

  • Classical Dance -
               Bharatnatyam, Contemporary / Modern Dance



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