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Affiliated to the Council for The Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. Vide No. KA 226/2011

Thought for the day

"“The potential mind supported by the affectionate heart alone can learn and instruct”"

Interesting Fact

The first and greatest civilization in ancient India developed around the valley of the Indus River (now Pakistan) around 3000 B.C. Called the Indus Valley civilization, this early empire was larger than any other empire, including Egypt and Mesopotamia.



The future of the children is safe in the hands of able, enthusiastic teachers who are prepared to put in hard work with dedication. Psychologically proven teaching methods are being put into practice. Child is at the focus of all curricular and co- curricular activities. Classes have limited number of children and the teachers pay personal attention to each and every kid. Children’s handwriting, drawing, music, dance, sports all these aspects are attended too. The school takes the responsibility of giving extensive training in writing, speaking and conversing in English, thereby children are enabled to become self confident. The most comprehensive and acceptable methodology being followed in our school is as follows:

  • Teacher- student ratio is 1:15
  • Interactive approach.
  • Students learn by doing.
  • Students learn to think.
  • Students learn to apply their knowledge.

Approach to the Curriculum

  • Focus on self-awareness and self esteem as the basis for optimal learning. The nucleus of the curriculum program is the life skills learning.
  • Holistic outcomes, which span the cognitive, emotional, psychomotor, physical, spiritual, social and creative aspects of a child's growth during the school years.
  • Interdisciplinary approach to learning, especially in the early years, where knowledge and skills can be learnt in an interconnected manner representative of the real world.
  • Age appropriate learning of skills, concepts with a consistent approach to reaching out for the higher levels of learning.
  • AVRS has designed a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and benchmarked across various learning areas. It follows an Interdisciplinary approach to instruction, combining skills and content from various learning areas and addresses multiple intelligences. An interdisciplinary, standards-based curriculum with an aligned assessment system.

School building:


Every child is unique for us and so is the arrangement of the class room. All the class rooms from nursery are of the same dimension, but, the furnitures made available for each grade is different, i.e., to suit the age group. Every class room has four very big windows along with ventilators for the proper aeration and lighting. All the class rooms are well illuminated and ventilated for the proper fresh air and cross ventilation.


Sl. No.


No. of Room/s

Location/s (Floor)



Class rooms


Ground, First and  Second Floors

31 x 24 feet


Principal’s Chamber


Quadrangle adjacent to the main building



Office Room


Attached with the Principal’s chamber



Examination Preparation Room


A strong room, which is attached with the Principal’s chamber



Indoor Sports Room- I


Ground floor (for nursery kids)

31 x 24 feet


Library Room


Ground floor

31 x 24 feet


Physics Lab


Ground floor

31 x 24 feet


Chemistry Lab


Ground floor

31 x 24 feet


Biology Lab


Ground floor

31 x 24 feet


Staff Room


Ground floor

31 x 24 feet


Sick Room (Get well Room)


First floor



Computer Lab


First floor

31 x 24 feet


Audio Visual Room RoomRooRoom


First floor

31 x 24 feet


Music Room


Second floor

31 x 24 feet


Indoor Sports Room- II


Second floor



Drawing Room


Second floor

31 x 24 feet


Sports store Room


Second floor



To facilitate the children to comprehend certain abstract concepts and transform it into an interesting learning experience, the laboratories have been set as per the norms and the guidelines of the Council maintaining all standards of safety, hygiene, quality, etc. Here students can explore and discover for themselves and make science more pragmatic and interesting. Our science labs are equipped with avant-garde gears. It is a place where learning becomes fun. The laboratory approach of science provides students with the opportunity to understand and discover the beauty, importance and relevance of science as a discipline. The Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Electronics labs comprise of a variety of scientific teaching aids in the form of models, games, charts, CDs, books etc. useful for effective and complete learning.

The School has well equipped laboratories for different streams of science with excellent facilities for practical work. The children will get hands-on experience which will complement their theoretical knowledge.

Science is the study and knowledge of the world around us. This knowledge is gained by observation, experimentation and verification. Practical work is the most important factor in the study of science. Our school provides separate and very well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology in ground floor. These labs help to bring the subject alive and generate interest among the students. Experimentation in these labs is a regular feature of the school curriculum which enhances the understanding power of the students and makes the subject interesting for them. Experiments in all the three streams are conducted by the students under the guidance of the trained staff. Students are helped to explore the wonders of science. These labs have been a very important tool in making the subject the child’s favourite.

Physics lab

School has a spacious big Physics Laboratory designed with the latest features and equipped with all apparatus and instruments as per ICSE norms. The area of this laboratory is approx.700 sq.ft and can comfortably accommodate more than 30 students at a given time.

Chemistry lab

- School has one of the finest Chemistry Laboratory with an area of more than 700 sq.ft, designed with the latest and most modern systems used in chemistry laboratories in colleges. This laboratory is equipped with all the apparatus and chemicals as per ICSE norms along with a separate gas chamber for the continuous supply of the LPG gas as the main fuel to conduct various chemistry tests. The laboratory is well ventilated & is designed so beautifully and scientifically that students love to work in such a healthy and friendly atmosphere. The laboratory can comfortably accommodate more than 30 students at a given time.

Biology lab

School has a big Biology Laboratory with an area of more than 700 sq.ft, designed with the latest and most modern systems used in biology laboratories. It has more than 100 specimens and has all the apparatus and instruments required by ICSE. The fibre model of the human skeleton and the digestive system are of main attraction.

Computer lab

The school has an exceptionally well organized computer laboratory suitable for children with all world- class furniture and computers, free access to internet during all working hours, scanner, printer, LAN, etc.

Audio-Visual Room

The school has a high- end version of Audio-Visual Room with the ceiling mounted LCD projector, wall mounted speakers, totally ready-to-use i.e., plug-in and play type of facilities available in this room. This is used to reinforce various learning concepts. Children have the pleasure of watching the various academic concepts using world- class DVDs /CDs etc. regularly i.e., one such class per week per subject is made mandatory. The audio-visual room has all possible types of educational CDs and DVDs covering a wide range of areas like English, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Hindi, Music, Dance, etc., Classics, etc. The interactive educational CDs and DVDs make the teaching – learning process more interesting and effective.

Music room

Children who are fortunate enough to be exposed to weekly music lessons or general music classes reap many benefits. We all love watching little children dance around the room with little or no inhibition, singing along with their favorite songs in a voice that’s clear and strong, though maybe a little out of tune. Music is an obvious outlet for self- expression and creativity.

Scientists have also discovered that learning to read music or play a musical instrument develops higher thinking skills. The child who is skilled at music excels at problem-solving, evaluation, and analysis. Music reading uses the same portion of the brain that’s used in mathematical thinking. That’s why so many adept musicians are also quite good in math.

The School

SRI TARALABALU SCHOOL is located in a perfect Indian setting yet delivering a global education to the budding genius of our country. The buildings are all modern and spacious and offer the students the near- comfort of home in the central part of Karnataka’s Manchester City, now know as Karnataka’s Oxford - DAVANGERE.

The education system, besides providing an all-round education intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically, also offers guidance in analytical thinking, openness of mind in all aspects. Pupils are given all possible opportunities to sharpen and develop their own hidden talents as well as to be aware of national and global issues. Homework is given to encourage and develop independent study skills and to complement particular fields of study.

To provide such an excellent opportunity for the children, we have a special and well equipped music room. One music period is allotted to the students per week. In this period, they will be taught vocal, tabala and key-board. The specially trained three teachers engage music classes in a separate music room – NAADALOKA. This room is provided with not only the musical instruments but an atmosphere conducive to learn and practice music.

Indoor sports rooms

Our school has two indoor sports halls for playing indoor games viz. Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess etc. One indoor sports hall has one international standard table for playing Table Tennis and a dozen chess and carom boards for the senior students of the school, whereas the other indoor sports room, which is present in the ground floor, is adjacent to the nursery class rooms, and is equipped with sea-saw, ladder &slope, swings, etc., for the comfortable play of nursery kids. These two indoor sports halls provide enough recreation for the students during their leisure.

Fire safety

School fire safety is important for the simple reason that a large number of children are gathered at one place and a single fire can affect all of them. Most of the furniture in a class room such as chairs, tables and desks are made from wood and these can easily catch fire. The chemistry lab which contains large quantities of flammable liquids is especially at risk. A fire in such places can go out of control and thus, fire safety in schools has become an extremely important issue. An uncontrolled fire can cause not just property damage but also huge loss in life.

Every school must take the necessary precautions in order to prevent anything untoward from happening in the case of an emergency, like a fire. Keeping this aspect in mind, every floor of our school has a fire extinguisher. These can be used to contain the fire before it spreads. Teachers and non-teaching staff such as peons and other helpers are well trained and instructed in the use of fire extinguishers. This is of primary importance. The school has a particular method set in place for emergency evacuation of students and drills are being conducted on a frequent basis. This will ensure that students know who to reach in case of an emergency. The school is in contact with emergency services like the fire and rescue department and ensure that they respond as soon as possible in case of an emergency.

Get well room

Every school has a nurse’s room managed by a school nurse where students can receive first-aid treatment and mental health counseling. Most children with medical needs can attend school and, with some support, take part in the majority of school activities.

Most pupils with medical conditions won’t need to take their medicine during the school day. Our school provides a space which can be used for the treatment of sick or injured pupils, and for first aid and medical examinations.


The Internet is one of the greatest recent advancement in the world of information technology and has become a useful instrument that has fostered the process of making the world a global village. It is the source of information that plays a significant role in the society especially among students. It provides an environment in which millions of people participate and engage in the creation and exchange of information.

In a nutshell, internet is very beneficial to students who use it wisely and effectively. In comparison, internet is more effective compared to books and the other types of reading materials because internet contain a lot of information which all source are include. Therefore, it will give a lot of useful knowledge to students. Our school provides free and easy access to the internet to all its children under the supervision of a teacher.


Reading, the key to success, should be fun and not a chore. The school has a good collection of selected books meant for children, with ultra modern furniture. The collection of books include a wide array of books from comics, biographies, encyclopedias, reference books, along with journals/periodicals, news papers, magazines, etc. Students are encouraged to visit the library to read and checkout books for pleasure and information. Students are instructed in the necessary skills to locate books and other resources in the library and to utilize reference materials. The students and the teachers are encouraged at every level in exploring the library for the learning and application of the knowledge acquired.



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